Partner organisations— effective decision-making support research

  • Office of the Public Advocate (Queensland)
  • Office of the Public Guardian (Queensland)
  • The Public Trustee (Queensland)
  • The Queensland Mental Health Commission
  • Office of the Public Advocate (Victoria)
  • New South Wales Trustee and Guardian
  • Endeavour Foundation
  • Summer Foundation Ltd
  • Melbourne City Mission
  • Inclusion Melbourne
  • New South Wales Public Guardian
  • New South Wales Department of Family and Community Services

Members of the Advisory Panel

  • Ms Jodie Griffiths-Cook, Public Advocate
  • Mr Kevin Martin, Public Guardian / Ms Julia Duffy, Acting Public Guardian
  • Mr Kevin Cocks, Anti-Discrimination Commissioner
  • Mr Leon-Atkinson-MacEwan, Health Ombudsman
  • Professor Nick Lennox, Director, Queensland Centre for Intellectual and Developmental Disability
  • Professor Harry McConnell, Clinical Sub-Dean, School of Medicine, Griffith University
  • Dr Paul White, Consultant Psychiatrist

Key stakeholders—chemical restraint research

  • family members of Queensland adults with intellectual disability
  • Office of the Public Guardian staff members
  • psychiatrists
  • psychiatric registrars in Queensland