How we do systems advocacy

The focus of our systems advocacy is on broad issues affecting the lives of people with impaired decision-making capacity.

Our priorities are:

  • the promotion and protection of autonomy, rights and interests
  • inclusion and participation of all people in society
  • equal access to the goods and services available to all citizens
  • sustainable service systems that improve outcomes for individuals
  • strengthening the ‘voice’ of people with impaired decision-making capacity.

We do this by:

  • creating and using knowledge gained through research and consultation
  • working collaboratively with stakeholders to generate sustainable solutions and effect positive systems change
  • contributing to and advocating for legal, policy and service environments that uphold individual rights in a sustainable and transparent way
  • encouraging the development of systems that are inclusive, accessible and equitable
  • highlighting systems barriers
  • monitoring the effectiveness of systemic changes.

We operate in an open and transparent way with a clear purpose. We respect the integrity of the systems that serve to uphold rights and respectfully challenge their effectiveness where necessary.

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