Responses to the Criminal Procedure Review—Magistrates Courts

In April 2022 we launched a consultation process asking questions about criminal procedures in the Magistrates Courts and views on possible improvements.

We also asked about whether the Magistrates Court should change its name to the Local Court, and if magistrates should be called Local Court judges.

Submissions in response to the Consultation paper closed on 30 June 2022.

You can read some of the submissions received from organisations and professionals on this page. These submissions have been published with permission. Other submissions received have not been published because they are confidential, to protect the privacy of individuals or for another reason.

The opinions expressed in these submissions are those of the submitters and not the Reviewer or the Queensland Government. By publishing these submissions, we express no opinion about the content or accuracy of the submissions or other materials to which they refer. We have published submissions as they have been provided, except where redactions have been applied.

List of submissions

You can access the full list of submissions or choose from the below list: