Law library services investment

We invest in the Supreme Court Library Queensland (SCLQ) to ensure that Queensland Courts have fast and convenient access to legal materials to administer justice according to law, and Queenslanders have equal access to information so they can defend their legal rights and meet their obligations.

Our funding to SCLQ enables it to:

  • provide high quality legal information services to the judiciary and legal profession
  • maintain accessible collections in both print and online formats
  • publish the decisions of the Queensland Courts
  • provide information about sentences imposed by the courts via the Queensland Sentencing Information Service.

Additionally, SCLQ maintains an active legal heritage and education program to further the study and understanding of Queensland’s legal system and its heritage.

Current funding

In 2022–25 we are investing a total of $12.465 million in the SCLQ to contribute to the cost of providing law library services:

  • 2022–23: $4.053 million
  • 2023–24: $4.154 million
  • 2024–25: $4.258 million.

These triennial funding arrangements provide funding certainty, facilitate long-term decision making, and promote innovation. Our investment was made under the strategy and investment model.

Past funding

In previous years we invested:

  • $11.732 million for 2019–22
  • $11.024 million for 2016–19.