Queensland legal assistance strategy and action plan

Under the National Legal Assistance Partnership 2020–25 (NLAP) states and territories are required to develop a legal assistance strategy and action plan.

The Queensland legal assistance strategy (the strategy):

  • estimates the level and nature of legal need in Queensland
  • identifies priorities and areas of focus for the continued delivery of mainstream, specialist and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island legal assistance services
  • describes specific priority client groups relevant to Queensland
  • describes how the state will meet the objectives and outcomes of the NLAP and the approaches to ensure that legal assistance services are delivered in accordance with the National Strategic Framework for Legal Assistance.

In accordance with the requirements of the NLAP, the Queensland legal assistance action plan has been developed to reflect the strategic direction set out in the strategy, and to identify activities undertaken to progress the commitments made in the strategy.

Our focus

The strategy sets out 3 focus areas:

  • collaboration
    • bring the sector together
    • support and strengthen collaborative service planning across the sector
    • improve referral pathways for clients
  • capacity
    • strengthen and encourage innovation
    • workforce development: recruitment and retention
  • capability
    • improve the evidence-base
    • improve capacity to monitor and evaluate service delivery
    • respond to emerging legal need.

Our priority client groups

In addition to the national priority client groups set out in the NLAP, Queensland recognises 3 additional priority client groups:

  • people who identify as LGBTIQ+
  • refugees and migrants
  • women.


For more information on the strategy and action plan please email the Legal Assistance Strategy and Funding team at LASF@justice.qld.gov.au.