Take the pledge

The Queensland Government is calling on the corporate sector and community organisations to pledge their commitment to act against domestic and family violence (DFV).

We want to create a Queensland free from violence and we can't do it on our own. It requires the commitment of government as well as corporate and community leaders to further embed cultural change within our homes, workplaces and communities. The pledge is a way for corporate and community organisations to show their commitment and demonstrate how they will act to end DFV in Queensland.

The pledge we are asking corporate and community organisations to take is:

We do not tolerate inequality and domestic and family violence.

[insert organisation name] pledges to work toward a Queensland where everyone is equal and free from violence.

[insert organisation name] commits to playing our role, working within our organisation and in partnership with others to raise awareness, improve prevention and provide practical assistance to end domestic and family violence.

[insert organisation name] recognises as leaders in the corporate and community sectors we have a vital role to play and we agree to use our internal and external and formal and information networks to activate others to join in this shared objective of keeping everyone safe from violence.

We encourage corporate and community organisations to take the pledge and lead through action to create change from the top down. Taking the pledge is an important starting point for your organisation to commit to work towards our shared goals. For those already making steps to end DFV, it signifies your organisation's ongoing commitment.

Organisations that take the pledge will be acknowledged on this website as having joined the community of leaders taking action to end DFV. Your logo will be displayed on this website with a link to your organisation's website.

Join with other organisations that have taken the pledge to end DFV in their workplaces and communities.

Submit your pledge

Increase the impact and awareness of efforts to end DFV by posting images of your leaders, staff and members taking the pledge to social media using the hashtags #notnownotevertogether and #NNNETogether.