DFV Prevention Honour Roll

Domestic and family violence (DFV) is everyone's business. That's why we have recognised Queenslanders who've made it their business through our DFV Prevention Honour Roll.


We extend our congratulations to the following DFV Prevention Honour Roll inductees.


Celebrating individuals and champions of the cause who make a difference in their community. A nominee might have reached out to a friend or loved one they were concerned about, hosted a fundraiser for a local DFV service provider, or organised a local awareness raising event.

View the list of individual inductees (PDF).

Small business

Celebrating small and medium businesses that are raising awareness internally and in their community. This might be through awareness raising or hosting a fundraiser, reaching out to clients or customers who might be experiencing DFV, or providing DFV training or support to their staff.

View the list of small business inductees (PDF).

Community organisations

Celebrating community organisations that raise awareness and work to change attitudes in their community. This might be a sports club that has been teaching young players the importance of respecting women, having a domestic violence round, or promoting educational materials, as well as raising awareness and pursuing innovative new DFV projects.

View the list of community organisation inductees (PDF).


Celebrating larger businesses and peak bodies who are engaged in partnerships to raise awareness and support the work of the sector. A nominee for this category might be a large business that has taken its first step in developing a DFV aware human resources policy, they might be participating in an in-kind support partnership with a DFV counselling service, or they might even be leading the charge and furthering the understanding of DFV in Queensland.

View the list of corporate inductees (PDF).


For more information, please email wsvp@justice.qld.gov.au.