Artist Spotlight

Introducing... Andrew Pemberton

Andrew is a long-standing member of Brisbane Outsider Artists at Access Arts*.

He has recently been focusing on colourful landscape paintings; often incorporating buildings and animals. As a keen science fiction fan, his earlier works also incorporated motifs from well-known TV series and films.

Currently Andrew prefers to build up background layers of his artworks using acrylic paint, before adding finer details using acrylic posca pens.

Andrew has recently exhibited in a series of exhibitions curated by Access Arts at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital including Time (2019), Dreams (2020), Earth Footprint (2021), Dancing Colours (2022) and Self-Portrait (2023). He has also exhibited in a series of exhibitions curated by Access Arts at KPMG and Brisbane Powerhouse including Celebrating Difference (2019), Journey to the other side (2020), Visitors (2021), Looking Back, Looking Forward (2022) and Relaxed Frame of Mind (2023).

In early 2024 the Public Advocate was proud to purchase one of Andrew’s latest works.

In Self-Portrait with Stars Andrew has painted himself at the centre of the galaxy, surrounded by big, colourful stars in space.

A painting of a man surrounded by colourful stars

The artwork will feature on the Public Advocate’s website for 12 months, as well as appearing on the cover of one of our key publications – Expanding Horizons: Examples of supported decision making in Queensland (2024) .

You can find more of Andrew’s stunning work at

*Access Arts is Queensland’s leading organisation creating opportunities in the performing and visual arts for people with disability or disadvantage. Working alongside artists and other industry organisations, Access Arts drives a creative dialogue around how an inclusive arts ecology enriches our arts industry.