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Review of property law in Queensland

The Commercial and Property Law Research Centre of the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) is undertaking a review of Queensland’s property laws for the Queensland Government. The review includes an examination of issues arising under legislation governing ownership, use and dealings in real property in Queensland including the Property Law Act 1974 and the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997 and other community titles legislation.

Due to the breadth and complexity of property law in Queensland, the review is being conducted in stages.

As part of the review, your views are being sought in relation to the following:

How to make a submission

Written submissions may be made by email or post.

The email address for submissions is:

Alternatively, you can post your submission to:

Property Law Review
c/-Strategic Policy
Department of Justice and Attorney-General
GPO Box 149

The closing date for submissions for the Interim Report: Seller Disclosure in Queensland is 16 August 2016. The closing date for submissions for Issues Paper: Property Law Act 1974 - Sales of land and other related provisions and Issues Paper 2: Property Law Act 1974 - Leases and Tenancies is 30 August 2016.

These submissions will be provided to the Commercial and Property Law Research Centre, QUT, which is conducting the review.

Past consultation activities

Public consultation is an important part of the review. To inform the review, the following consultation papers have been previously released for public consultation:

  1. Queensland Government Property Law Review Issues Paper 1 Seller Disclosure in Queensland
  2. Queensland Government Property Law Review Issues Paper 2 Lot entitlements under the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997
  3. Queensland Government Property Law Review Options Paper Body corporate governance issues: By‐laws, debt recovery and scheme termination
  4. Property Law Review Issues Paper Procedural issues under the Body Corporate and Community Management Act 1997

Privacy Statement for Submissions

Any personal information you include in your submission will be collected by the Department of Justice and Attorney‐General (the Department) and the QUT for the purpose of undertaking the review of Queensland’s property laws. The Department or the QUT may contact you for further consultation regarding the review. Your submissions may also be released to other government agencies as part of the consultation process.

Submissions provided to the Department and the QUT in relation to papers will be treated as public documents. This means that they may be published on the Department’s website, together with the name and suburb of each person or entity making a submission. If you would like your submission, or any part of it, to be treated as confidential, please indicate this clearly in the submission. However, please note that all submissions may be subject to disclosure under the Right to Information Act 2009, and access applications for submissions, including those marked confidential, will be determined in accordance with that Act.

Submissions (or information about their content) may also be provided in due course to a parliamentary committee that considers any legislation resulting from this review.

Last reviewed
21 July 2016
Last updated
22 July 2016

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