Busting DV myths

As an activity of Domestic and Family Violence Prevention Month, the Multicultural Families Organisation (MFO) developed a brochure about the Top 10 Myths and Facts in relation to Domestic and Family Violence (DFv). The brochure specifically focuses on the myths that affect Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) Communities and has been translated into ten different languages including Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Arabic, Persian, Thai, Tagalog, Croatian and Bosnian.

Misinformation is often used as a tool of control and at MFO we believe that having access to the right information can empower a woman by ensuring that she knows her rights in Australia. Furthermore, having the brochure translated into different languages makes all the difference, as very often if the woman does not speak English very well the husband translates the information the way he wants to.

The brochure was officially launched on May 24 at the Southport Community Centre.