DJAG DFV workplace support

The Department of Justice and Attorney General (DJAG) is responsible for administering about 40 of the recommendations of the Bryce Taskforce Report on domestic and family violence (DFV). One of the recommendations was to lead the way in providing support to staff who might be suffering due to DFV. At DJAG, special leave, flexible arrangements and counselling is now available to those who need it. DJAG is also implementing a team of DFV advocates or support people throughout its workforce to provide direct but discreet support and referral. DJAG's Queensland Corrective Services (QCS) is leading the way. Its DFV Program incorporates trained support staff who provide information on leave entitlements, safety planning in and out of the work place, advocacy with management and human resources and access to counselling. QCS DFV support person and White Ribbon Advocate, Aleisha Reader, gives an insight into the program in this video.