Commonwealth Bank

Commonwealth Bank is a strong advocate of diversity and inclusion as well as gender equality. The bank recognises it has an important role to play to support its customers, employees and members of the community who are impacted by DFV.

Since 2015, the bank has committed $25 million to support customers impacted by DFV. It provides direct, immediate and practical support for customers escaping DFV. In 2019, it announced its focus on financial abuse in the context of DFV (domestic and financial abuse). Most recently, the bank:

  • increased its support for victims and survivors of financial abuse with a $5 million commitment to leading community organisations and experts, partnering with them to develop new financial solutions and support to help those affected achieve long-term financial independence
  • further increased its leave provision to offer its employees experiencing DFV as much paid leave as they need to navigate the situation, and continue to provide up to 5 days paid leave to employees helping an immediate family member or member of their household in need.