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We operate within a corporate governance framework. This framework emphasises ethics, openness and public accountability. It is the basis for our overall purpose and sets our objectives. It also guides us in managing our information and resources.

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Intergovernmental Agreement for the Australian Consumer Law

This Intergovernmental Agreement underpins the establishment of the Australian Consumer Law (ACL). The ACL is a cooperative reform of the Australian Government and the States and Territories.


Liquor and gaming licence application decisions and reasons

When a new liquor or gaming licence application is made but receives community responses in the form of comments, representations, submissions or objections, the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) must publish the reason for the Commissioner’s decision on that application. Responses can also come from local government or the local member of parliament.

Notices of new and amended gaming rules

Read notices of new and amended gaming rules.


Apply human rights to your work

Apply human rights to your work – video, transcript, Does the Act apply to my work section, how are human rights link to my work section, steps to consider human rights in your work section

Human rights in decision making

Human rights in decision making: A guide for Queensland Government staff


Victim Assist Queensland guidelines and table of costs

Guidelines and table of costs for assessing applications for financial assistance through Victim Assist Queensland.

Memorandum of understandings

Office of Fair Trading memorandums of understanding

See a list of memorandums of understanding between the Office of Fair Trading and other agencies.

Terms of references

Audit and Risk Management Committee Terms of reference

Read the Audit and Risk Management Committee's Terms of reference.

Executive Leadership Team Terms of reference

Read the Executive Leadership Team's Terms of reference.

Finance Committee Terms of reference

Read the Finance Committee's Terms of reference.

Information Technology and Innovation Committee Terms of reference

Read the Information Technology and Innovation Committee's Terms of reference.

Infrastructure Committee Terms of reference

Read the Infrastructure Committee's Terms of reference.

People, Culture and Safety Committee Terms of reference

Read the People, Culture and Safety Committee's Terms of reference.