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The Department of Justice and Attorney-General holds a number of public registers. Some we are required to hold by law and others relate to the function of the agency or the laws that we administer. Although privacy and confidentiality issues prevent disclosure of some information, other information may be accessed by the public at no cost or for a fee.

Information sheets

2023 Court ordered Child Protection Conferencing schedule Queensland

This schedules makes reference to specific Child Protection Conferencing days for 2023 as set by the Courts.


Contact list for consumer complaints

This list contains information about organisations which may be able to help you in a dispute with a business.

Fair Trading legislation

This list contains legislation that the Office of Fair Trading regulates.

Published list of Civil Partnership Notaries

Find a civil partnership notary if you would like to register your civil partnership with a ceremony at a location of your choice.

RBDM Family History Research Service (Portal)

See what information is available and learn how you can access and order records.


Charity and association register

Search the register of incorporated associations and charities.

Cooperatives register

Search the register of cooperatives.

Enforceable undertakings register

Search the register of enforceable undertakings.

Fair Trading licence register

Search the register of licensees and salespeople in industries that the OFT regulates.

Gifts and benefits register

Online publication of Gifts and Benefits register in accordance with PSC Directive