OLGR priorities

The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) has 2 main responsibilities:

  1. To regulate the liquor industry in a way compatible with minimising harm caused by alcohol abuse and misuse
  2. To maintain the integrity and probity of the gambling industry in Queensland and ensure that, on balance, the state and the community benefit from gambling.

Read the OLGR regulatory strategy.

Liquor regulation

Our priorities include preventing and minimising the adverse effects of alcohol on the community, while allowing the sustainable growth of the liquor industry to contribute to the Queensland economy. We play a key role in developing a responsible liquor and hospitality industry, as well as regulating the sale and supply of liquor in Queensland, through:

  • issuing liquor, wine and adult entertainment licences and permits
  • investigating complaints about licensed premises and ensuring industry compliance with liquor and wine legislation
  • implementing initiatives to minimise harm and prevent crime associated with the consumption of liquor, including support of responsible service of alcohol programs
  • working in partnership with Indigenous communities to implement alcohol management plans and minimise the negative impacts of alcohol abuse and misuse.

Key elements for our liquor compliance strategy include:

  • Compliance assessment and enforcement—we use a mix of risk-based proactive, targeted and reactive compliance programs, informed by relevant data and information.
  • Advice and education—we strive for voluntary compliance with legislation through education and advice, clear expectations and the promotion of ‘best practice’ management.
  • Collaborative relationships—we work collaboratively with our regulatory partners, in particular the Queensland Police Service, as well as other government agencies and industry stakeholders.
  • Place-based management—we recognise and promote the benefits of place-based management initiatives (such as liquor accords and Safe Night Precincts) in addressing alcohol-related harm. The responsible service of alcohol and the provision of safe environments by liquor licensees are a major focus of all liquor compliance initiatives employed by OLGR.

Gaming regulation

We oversee gambling in Queensland through:

  • licensing premises and persons involved in gaming activities in Queensland
  • regulating casinos, charitable gambling, gaming machines, interactive gambling, Keno, lotteries and wagering
  • investigating complaints, conducting prosecutions and ensuring industry compliance with gambling legislation
  • administering the community benefit funds and managing various responsible gambling programs.