OLGR's regulatory approach

The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation's (OLGR) balanced and fair approach to regulation focuses on reducing harm without imposing unfair regulation.

We use an evidence and risk-based approach when making decisions, setting priorities and allocating resources to support best practice in regulation and community safety.

Our licensing officers:

  • assess applications for liquor and gaming licences and permits and approve them, when appropriate
  • consider changes to licence conditions, variations to trading hours and changes to the number of gaming machines in clubs and hotels
  • conduct probity investigations to determine the suitability of certain participants in the gaming industry
  • assess—and approve, when appropriate—gaming rules, operator control systems and gambling equipment.

Our compliance officers:

  • conduct compliance and technical audits of liquor and gaming operators
  • undertake inspections to check compliance with the liquor and gaming Acts
  • investigate complaints and take enforcement action for breaches of our laws.

We use an escalation model for compliance and enforcement. Our regulatory response escalates as a licensee's attitude to compliance deteriorates. This model aims to influence business towards maximum engagement and voluntary compliance.

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