Structure of OLGR

Executive Director for Liquor and Gaming

Mike Sarquis is the Executive Director of the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR), Queensland. Mike is responsible for managing the gaming and liquor regulatory licensing and compliance regimes, and implementing the responsible gambling strategy and harm minimisation programs. He is also responsible for the administration of the Gambling Community Benefit Fund, which distributes approximately $54 million each year to worthwhile community projects and initiatives.

In 2018, Mike was awarded Gaming Regulator of the Year for Australasia by the International Masters of Gaming Law.

Mike holds a Bachelor of Business in Accountancy and a Graduate Diploma of Business in Professional Accounting. He is a current member of the Gambling Community Benefit Fund Committee, the Responsible Gambling Advisory Committee, and member and former vice president of the International Association of Gaming Regulators.

Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation

Licensing division

Responsible for:

  • licensing of persons and organisations under the various gaming, liquor and wine acts
  • applications for changes to licence conditions, variations to hours of trading, alterations to the number of gaming machines in clubs/hotels and other ancillary approvals
  • assessment and approval of game rules, operator control systems and gambling equipment
  • probity investigations into the suitability of major participants in the gaming industry.

Compliance division

Responsible for:

  • compliance and technical audits of liquor and gaming operators
  • inspections under the various liquor and gaming acts
  • complaints, investigations and enforcement actions
  • risk assessment of liquor licence applications
  • supporting safe night precinct boards to form and become fully operational.

Organisational services

Responsible for:

  • financial and information management services
  • media, marketing and strategic communications
  • information solutions
  • asset management
  • administrative services
  • Gambling Community Benefit Fund
  • business systems support
  • business intelligence capability.

Office of Regulatory Policy

Policy and legislation

Responsible for:

Further information

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