Incorporated associations and charities regulation consultation

You were invited to have your say on proposed amendments to the Associations Incorporation Regulation 1999 (Associations Incorporation Regulation) and the Collections Regulation 2008 (Collections Regulation).

These amendments support some of the changes made by the Associations Incorporation and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2020 that recently came into effect.

These include:

  • the requirement for the rules of an incorporated association to include a grievance procedure or otherwise follow a (default) grievance procedure in the model rules (provided at Schedule 4 of the Association Incorporation Regulation)
  • the requirement for the management committee of an incorporated association to disclose the remuneration and benefits paid or given to committee members, senior staff, and their relatives
  • potential changes to financial reporting requirements for incorporated associations.

Recognising the significance of these reforms, the Queensland Government committed to consulting with the sector to ensure that any amendments made to the Associations Incorporation Regulation and the Collections Regulation are fit-for-purpose.

Submissions closed at 5pm on 12 September 2022.