Statutory seller disclosure scheme in Queensland

We sought your views on a proposal to implement a statutory seller disclosure scheme in Queensland.

The enactment of a seller disclosure scheme was recommended by the Commercial and Property Law Research Centre at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) following the centre’s review of Queensland’s property laws.

Currently there is no formal seller disclosure regime in Queensland applying to the sale and purchase of freehold land. Sellers are instead required to comply with a complex mix of common law, statutory and contractual obligations.

The proposed scheme would make it mandatory (with some exceptions) for a seller of freehold land to disclose relevant information to a proposed buyer in a single document along with any prescribed certificates, including a body corporate certificate, where relevant.

The seller disclosure scheme seeks to simplify freehold land contracts and empower buyers to make informed decisions about property dealings.

You were invited to provide a written response to the Exposure draft of the Bill and the following associated forms:

Your feedback will ensure the proposed scheme reflects the needs of consumers and industry stakeholders.

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The consultation closed at 5pm on 31 August 2022.

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