Spaces available for free Toowoomba body corporate seminar

Locals who live, invest or work in a community titles scheme in Queensland are encouraged to register for a free body corporate information session in Toowoomba next week.

The Office of the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management (BCCM) will host the seminar being held at Fitzy’s, 153 Margaret Street, on Wednesday 11 April from 10am – noon.

Acting Commissioner Esther Blest said the seminar would cover topics including body corporate decision making, enforcing body corporate laws and access to body corporate records.

“Queensland has more than 47,000 community titles schemes which are each managed through a body corporate,” she said.

“That equates to more than 460,000 individual lots so that’s a significant number of Queenslanders affected by body corporate issues.

“A community titles scheme is made up of two or more lots so could be a duplex, residential unit block, townhouse complex, high rise accommodation, shopping complex or business park.”

Ms Blest said the seminars were part of the range of information and services that the BCCM office provided to those who lived, invested or worked in community titles schemes.

“My office gives body corporate members, their committees and industry groups information and tools to help better understand body corporate legislation and to avoid and resolve disputes,” she said.

Register for the seminar at