Brisbane venue licensee fined for unlicensed adult entertainment

The licensee of a Brisbane pub has been found guilty and fined for providing adult entertainment on its premises without a permit.

The licensee, The Pink (Qld) Pty Ltd, trading as the Pinkenba Hotel, was prosecuted in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Wednesday for not having a permit to conduct the Miss Pink Erotica 2019 event, where female dancers performed within the venue in an explicit sexual manner.

Commissioner for Liquor and Gaming Victoria Thomson said that the hotel was required to have a permit to conduct this type of event.

“The licensee of the Pinkenba Hotel had a clear disregard for the Liquor Act when they provided unauthorised adult entertainment on a licensed premises,” Ms Thomson said.

“The rules are clear - you must apply for an adult entertainment permit to provide sexually explicit entertainment on a licensed premises.

“Licensees have a legal obligation to uphold Queensland’s licensing laws, and a social responsibility to do the right thing.

“If they don’t, they risk being caught and fined.

“The licensing framework is in place to protect the community and adult entertainment workers. It ensures that the adult entertainment is only provided and controlled by suitable people, minors are not exposed and there is adequate supervision and control to protect entertainers.”

Ms Thomson said any licensee considering providing adult entertainment within their premises should understand what constitutes adult entertainment, the limitations applying to performances and the approvals required to conduct it.

“It is the responsibility of a licensee to understand what the definition of ‘adult entertainment’ is, as defined in the Liquor (Approval of Adult Entertainment Code) Regulation 2002,” she said.

Solicitors for the defendant company entered a plea of guilty to the charge.

The Magistrate accepted the guilty plea and imposed a fine of $3,000, indicating the fine would have been much greater if not for COVID-19 impacts. No conviction was recorded.

Licensees can be fined up to 200 penalty units ($26,690) for conducting adult entertainment without a permit.

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