New videos to improve women’s safety in bars and clubs

A series of videos have been developed to help staff in Queensland’s bars, clubs, and other entertainment venues ensure women can enjoy a night out without being harassed or assaulted.

The Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation (OLGR) has teamed up with QMusic and Griffith University’s MATE Bystander program to give licensees and their staff tactics so they can safely and respectfully intervene when they see patrons being sexually harassed.

The videos address a number of common scenarios that women often face when on a night out such as unwanted groping on the dance floor, sexual remarks towards female bar staff and discriminatory attitudes towards same sex couples and people with disabilities.

The new resources are available on the OLGR’s YouTube channel, where licensees can access them to start discussions with employees and train staff. For more information on being an effective bystander visit the MATE Bystander website.

Quotes attributable to the Commissioner for Liquor and Gaming Victoria Thomson:

“Every weekend in venues right across Queensland, women are subject to unwanted attention, sexual assault and everything in between.

“It’s not OK! Women should be able to go out and enjoy themselves without feeling intimidated, threatened or objectified.

“Everyone needs to play their role in putting a stop to this behaviour and this new tool will help venues in their efforts to put a stop to it.

“By giving staff the tools to be able to recognise and respond to situations safely, respectfully and firmly, venues can ensure they are doing their bit to create welcoming places where women can feel comfortable and accepted.”

Quotes attributable to QMusic President Natalie Strijland:

“QMusic is proud to have worked with OLGR and the MATE Bystander program to foster awareness around the safety of women in music venues across Queensland.

“Equipping venues and their staff with valuable tools such as these can assist in the prevention of violent and sexual crimes against women and help set the standard of what type of behaviours are not acceptable.

“The more venues get involved and the more education around sexual violence, the more likely we as an industry and society will be able to achieve safety in our venues.”

Quotes attributable to MATE Bystander Director Kirsty Tschirpig:

"The MATE Bystander team is proud to have partnered with the OLGR and QMusic on this initiative.

“At MATE, we believe violence is 100 percent preventable; it is on all of us to be someone who does something to interrupt problematic behaviour.

“MATE Bystander training empowers us all to be leaders in the prevention of violence, sexual harassment, racism and discrimination. Together we will change the world."