Our policies

The department’s governance framework incorporates our policies, procedures and guidelines that govern the way we deliver services to Queensland. Our policies align to legislative requirements and to whole‑of‑government policy framework requirements.

The Right to Information pages are constantly being added to. Documents in the publication scheme can either be downloaded directly from these pages or a request can be made to access them.


DJAG privacy plan (DOCX, 500.9 KB)

The Information Privacy Act 2009 (IP Act) commenced on 1 July 2009. The IP Act contains 11 Information Privacy Principles (IPPs) which apply to the Department of Justice and Attorney-General. IPP 5 places an obligation on agencies to take steps to ensure that people are aware of the types of personal information held by an agency, why they are held, and how an individual can access their personal information. This document is designed to meet the obligations imposed by IPP 5, and contains information about the structure of the department, the differing types of personal information held, the reasons such personal information is held, and how you may access your own personal information.


DNA guidelines (PDF, 380.8 KB)

These guidelines have been developed to give convicted prisoners the opportunity to request testing of DNA in very limited circumstances including where their appeal options have been exhausted. They were released on 5 August 2010. The guidelines set rigorous application criteria while also acknowledging significant developments in forensic science.

Director's Guidelines (PDF, 1.6 MB)

A decision to prosecute or not must be based upon the evidence, the law and the director’s prosecution guidelines


Waste reduction and recycling plan 2017-2020 (PDF, 449.0 KB)

We are committed to efficiently using resources and minimising waste. To achieve this, we focus on avoiding waste in the first instance, and reusing and recycling


Publication scheme approval policy (DOC, 408.0 KB)

This policy applies to all documents to be published on the Department of Justice and Attorney-General’s website.

Public interest disclosure policy (PDF, 177.8 KB)

The reporting of suspected misconduct within the Queensland public sector is fundamental to its ongoing integrity and health.

Information Privacy: Complaints and breaches investigation policy (PDF, 279.5 KB)

This policy sets out matters related to privacy complaints and investigations managed by Right to Information (RTI) and Privacy or Legal Advice and Advocacy.

Fraud and corruption control policy (PDF, 216.3 KB)

The Fraud and Corruption Control Policy identifies the minimum requirements and responsibilities for the governance, prevention, detection, and the response to suspected fraud and corruption within DJAG.

Client complaint management policy (PDF, 177.0 KB)

This policy sets the direction for client complaint management in DJAG.

CCTV policy (PDF, 947.5 KB)

This policy sets out a broad framework for the management of mobile and fixed Closed Circuit Television system (CCTV) cameras and recording devices and associated data at various Department of Justice and Attorney-General (DJAG) locations.

Administrative review policy (PDF, 173.3 KB)

This policy is intended to guide Queensland government officers and agencies when considering whether a decision should be subject to a merits review and what merit review mechanisms should be available in relation to decisions made under a legislative power.

Administrative release policy (DOCX, 88.0 KB)

This policy enables information to be requested informally rather than under relevant Acts. It provides a framework for the department's business areas and explains how to make an information request in writing directly to the relevant business unit.


Management of technical (low level) privacy breaches (PDF, 198.6 KB)

This procedure sets out the process for managing a minor breach received within business units of the Department of Justice and Attorney-General.

Information Privacy: Complaints and breaches investigation procedure (PDF, 306.5 KB)

This procedure has been developed to ensure consistency in investigating privacy complaints by relevant Officers in the Department of Justice and Attorney-General.