Briefing the Solicitor-General

    The Solicitor-General Gim Del Villar KC is available to provide legal advice and representation in matters of importance to the government. Examples include constitutional matters and matters which are complex or sensitive, often but not always with whole-of-government implications.

    The Solicitor-General may be briefed:

    • with the approval of the Premier, the Attorney-General or minister with portfolio responsibility for the issue, or
    • in urgent cases, with the approval of the Director-General of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, the Department of Justice and Attorney-General, the Under Treasurer or the Crown Solicitor.

    Crown Law is the link between the Solicitor-General and clients who require legal advice from the Solicitor-General. If you need legal advice from the Solicitor-General, the primary contact is Crown Counsel Felicity Nagorcka on phone (07) 3031 5616 or alternatively contact Deputy Crown Solicitor Steve Marton on phone (07) 3031 5607.

    The Attorney-General’s office will be advised when Solicitor-General advice is sought, other than by the Premier or the Attorney-General. A copy of any Solicitor-General advice is provided to the Attorney-General and the responsible minister. Crown Law can assist with these requirements.

    There is no fee to clients for the Solicitor-General’s services. However Crown Law and any junior counsel from the private bar briefed in a matter do charge on their usual basis for assisting the Solicitor-General.