Recognising your right to information

On 28 September our department recognises International Access to Information Day (IAI Day), acknowledging your right to access government-held information.

The 2022 theme is ‘artificial intelligence (AI), e-governance and access to information’.

In our ever-increasingly digital world, AI and e-governance play an important role in improving the community’s access to information.

These tools can help bridge the digital divide by giving people access to tailor-made, user-friendly information, and delivering more efficient and effective services to the community. However, these developments in technology also raise questions about fundamental human rights and ethical use.

We must be aware of the risks and ensure AI and e-governance processes are built on transparency, accountability and openness so we protect human rights, build trust and promote inclusion.

IAI Day is a reminder of the importance of community access to information, helping people to feel empowered when making decisions and when exercising their right to access information.

We are committed to improving access to information for the community and you can find out more about our publication scheme and how to access information from us.

For further information about IAI Day, visit the Office of the Information Commissioner’s website.