Whole-of-government policy for engaging barristers

The Engaging barristers to undertake legal work for government departments policy (PDF, 45.9 KB)outlines how the Queensland Government engages and pays barristers. The policy provides a consistent and fair approach to remunerating barristers engaged by or on behalf of Queensland Government departments.

The policy applies to the engagement of barristers by departments, and business units within departments, whether the barrister is briefed directly, engaged via Crown Law or via a private solicitor.

Under the policy, barristers are requested to express interest in performing government work and nominate a government rate up to a cap of $300 per hour and $3000 per day for junior counsel and a cap of $500 per hour and $5000 per day for senior counsel. Fees above the maximum hourly and daily fee caps must be approved by the Attorney-General.

Barristers can express interest at any time by completing an expression of interest form (PDF, 257.5 KB) and emailing it to LSCU.

The policy applies to new instructions from 1 January 2015.

Administration of policy

The Legal Service Coordination Unit (LSCU) within the Department of Justice and Attorney-General is responsible for implementing the policy.

The LSCU maintains a list of counsel who are available to do government work and their nominated government rates. The list will be made available to Queensland Government lawyers and administrative support officers involved in briefing counsel. Private law firms may obtain the barrister’s government rate from the relevant briefing agency on a case by case basis.

Access to the barristers' rates under the whole-of-government policy is available to government lawyers.