Frequently requested documents

RTI access applications received in the Department of Justice and Attorney-General are generally for the following:

    Criminal history

    An application for a person’s criminal history must be made by the individual concerned or their legal representative. This document is most often sought for court-related purposes.

    Read more on criminal history checks.

    Court records and transcripts

    Supreme Court

    The Supreme Court is generally open access (subject to specific court orders). Requests to access court records can be made at the registry of the court in which the proceedings were initiated. For more information on registry locations, opening hours, and eCourts online document search facilities visit the Queensland Courts website.

    Magistrates Court

    Court records such as complaint, order and documentary exhibits other than photos are generally available to any person on written application to the clerk of the court and payment of the prescribed fee. Contact Queensland Courts.


    Auscript provides recording and transcription services for proceedings in the Supreme and District Courts, Industrial Relations Commission, Royal Commissions and various tribunals throughout Queensland. Transcripts of matters heard in a Magistrates Court are available from the court registry of the courthouse where the matter was heard.

    Recording and transcription arrangements

    Auscript provides recording and transcription service for proceedings of the Supreme and District Courts, Magistrates Courts, Queensland Industrial Relations Commission, Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal and various other jurisdictions throughout Queensland.

    Ordering a transcript

    To order transcripts and audio for proceedings, parties and non-parties are directed to contact Auscript in the first instance.

    Queensland Court, QIRC and QCAT (staff only)

    To order a transcript staff can use the online ordering website MyAuscript or use the 'request for transcript form' which can be found on the DJAG intranet.

    Birth, death or marriage certificates

    The Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages can provide copies of birth, death or marriage certificates to appropriate people (normally immediate family members) on request. You will need to prove your identity and pay the appropriate fee.

    If you are applying on behalf of someone else, you will need their written authorisation and prove both your and their identities. You must provide your name and your residential and postal addresses when seeking information or advice from the registry.

    Electoral roll

    Any person may inspect the Queensland electoral roll free of charge by visiting the Electoral Commission Queensland (ECQ) or any regional office of the ECQ. Phone 1300 881 665 for an office closest to you.

    Public Guardian investigations

    The Public Guardian has a discretion to disclose information about investigations to individuals or members of the public where they are satisfied it is in the public interest to do so. For more information, or to request investigation documents under this provision, contact the Office of the Public Guardian.

    Ministerial media statements

    Ministers release media statements every day and these are published online on the ministerial media statements web page.

    Cabinet documents

    Some decisions of Cabinet are released by Government but other decisions are not made available and may be exempt under the Right to Information Act 2009. Certain Cabinet decisions are published online.

    JP information

    Other information requests

    Members of the public also request the following information:

    • Director of Public Prosecutions, prosecution files
    • policy and legislation files
    • Office of Fair Trading files
    • Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation files
    • internal recruitment, grievance and disciplinary staff files.