Compliments and complaints form

Please use this online form to submit your compliments and complaints about our department’s products, services, procedures, practices or policies.

Some complaints are out of scope and follow a different process. Find out more about those complaint types.

  1. Details of compliment or complaint
    1. Corporate Services includes the following business areas:

      • Facilities Services
      • Financial Services Branch
      • Information Technology Services
      • People and Engagement Branch.

      Justice Services includes the following business areas:

      • Community Justice Services (includes: Dispute Resolution Branch; Justices of the Peace Branch; Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages; Victim Assist Queensland; Office of the Commissioner for Body Corporate and Community Management; and Blue Card Services)
      • Court Services Queensland (includes: Supreme, District and Land Courts Service; Magistrates Courts Service; and Reform and Support Services)
      • Legal Assistance Strategy and Funding Unit
      • Office of the Public Advocate
      • Office of the Public Guardian
      • Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

      Liquor, Gaming and Fair Trading includes the following business areas:

      • Office of Fair Trading
      • Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation
      • Office of Regulatory Policy.

      This form is only for our department’s services or actions. If your complaint is about a business or seller, please make a consumer complaint.

      The Office for Women and Violence Prevention includes the following business areas:

      • Integrated Service Responses
      • Partnerships and Engagement
      • Service Sector Investment and Reform
      • Strategic Policy and Implementation.

      The Office of the Director of Child Protection Litigation includes the following business area:

      • Office of the Director of Child Protection Litigation.

      Strategic Policy and Legal Services includes the following business areas:

      • Legal Services Coordination Unit
      • Legal Advice and Advocacy
      • Office of the Legal Services Commission
      • Right to Information and Privacy
      • Secretariat of the Queensland Law Reform Commission
      • Secretariat of the Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council
      • Strategic Policy.

      Please use if the business area is unknown or not listed above.

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      1. Have you raised your complaint with us before?
      2. (If you chose '0' above)
        1. Including the complaint reference number, which staff member you spoke to, the date of the complaint, and why you are still dissatisfied.
      3. (If you chose '1' above)
        1. When did it happen? *
        2. What time did it happen (approximately)? :
        3. Where did it happen?
        4. Does your complaint involve a breach of privacy?
        5. Does your complaint involve a breach of your human rights?
        6. Are you a current employee of the Department of Justice and Attorney-General (DJAG)?
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The Department of Justice and Attorney-General is collecting the information you choose to provide in this form for the purposes of identifying and dealing with your compliment or complaint, in accordance with our Client complaint management policy. If you make a complaint and choose to provide your personal information, it will be forwarded to the business unit or region relevant to your complaint so the complaint can be addressed. Your personal information will not be provided to any person you are complaining about, unless specifically required to ensure your complaint is appropriately dealt with. Any use of your personal information will be limited to that necessary to investigate and respond to the issues raised in your complaint.