Office of Fair Trading

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) aims to deliver a fair and safe marketplace for Queensland consumers and businesses. We do this by:

  • supplying information and advice about rights and responsibilities
  • enforcing consumer protection laws
  • helping resolve marketplace disputes
  • licensing a range of occupations
  • investigating unfair business practices
  • prosecuting unscrupulous businesses
  • supplying information about product safety
  • registering incorporated associations, charities and cooperatives.


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Executive Director for the Office of Fair Trading

Craig Turner, Executive Director, OFT sitting at a work desk, smiling at the camera
Craig Turner, Executive Director, OFT

Craig Turner is the Executive Director of OFT. He oversees OFT’s work and has administrative responsibility for a wide range of legislation, including the Australian Consumer Law (Queensland).

Craig began his career in the former Office of Consumer Affairs (now OFT) before moving into gaming regulation in the mid-1990s. Since then, Craig has worked in a variety of regulatory roles, including operational and senior managerial positions in inspections, investigations, audit, licensing and policy.

Craig brings his extensive management and regulatory experience to OFT and is committed to ensuring markets are safe, fair and responsible by empowering consumers and ensuring traders understand their responsibilities.


OFT comprises the following operational branches.



Outcomes report

The outcomes report provides an overview of OFT’s strategies, functions and activities throughout the year. It highlights where we focused our resources, and the results we achieved.

Regulator performance report

The Regulator performance report 2022–23 outlines how OFT is implementing the 5 model practices in the Queensland Government’s Regulator Performance Framework.

Under the framework regulators must report publicly on the extent to which they are implementing the 5 model practices.

In previous years this report was published as an annexure to the outcomes report. From 2022 this report will be a standalone document.

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