The department's governance framework provides mechanisms to drive performance, achieve our organisational goals and objectives and deliver on government outcomes. The framework ensures the department undertakes its responsibilities for policy and service delivery in an open, accountable and ethical way.

Leadership and strategic management

As chief executive officer of the department, the Director-General is supported in meeting the statutory responsibilities under the Public Service Act 2008, the Financial Accountability Act 2009 and other relevant legislation, by the expert advice and assistance of a board of management and special purpose governance committees.

Governance committees

Three special purpose committees support the Board of Management (PDF, 156.6 KB) in its strategic leadership functions by monitoring performance, identifying and implementing business improvement opportunities in their key areas of responsibility. The special purpose committees are:

In 2013-14, the department reviewed its governance committee and their terms of references, ensuring the committees strengthened their strategic focus by reallocating all non strategic functions to the Assistant Director-General, Corporate Services.

The committee structure establishes the overarching governance framework for the department, allowing for a strong and integrated approach to planning, performance and risk management.

More information on the department’s committees can be found in the department’s annual report.

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More detailed information on how we make decisions by applying our corporate governance frameworks can be found using the following links: