Legal assistance forums projects

Under the National Legal Assistance Partnership 2020–25 (the NLAP) all state, territory and Australian governments are undertaking collaborative service planning with the legal assistance sector (the sector) to coordinate and maximise reach of services, and to ensure that services are directed where they are most needed.

The sector recognises Queensland as a national leader in collaborative service planning. As a critical step in driving continuous improvement and fulfilling the state’s obligations under the NLAP, $150,000 of project funding for 2020–21 was quarantined by the Queensland Government to be directed towards collaborative service planning initiatives.

Funding is available to be allocated to each of the regional legal assistance forums (RLAFs) and specialist legal assistance forums (SLAFs) to:

  • develop collaborative partnerships to deliver holistic services which address a range of legal and other social needs
  • undertake regional and whole-of-sector building activities which better coordinate existing services to maximise efficiency and effectiveness and minimise system and service gaps.

Eligibility and funding amount

Funding of up to $10,000 (excluding GST) is potentially available for this process for all Queensland RLAFs and SLAFs. Contact Legal Assistance Strategy and Funding (LASF) at if you are unsure about your eligibility.

How to apply

Legal assistance forums may apply for funding at any time using the Application form. Please refer to the Application guidelines.

Projects must be delivered and acquitted by June 2025.

Successful applications

So far, 5 RLAFs and SLAFs have been successful in applying for funding:

  • Best Practice and Evidence Based LAF—to deliver a First Contact Legal Assistance Workforce Workshop, a one-off training and networking day for first contact staff and volunteers in the legal assistance sector.
  • Mackay RLAF—to commission an Indigenous artist to develop branding for the Mackay RLAF.
  • Mental Health and Disability LAF—to undertake a project exploring early, non-adversarial alternatives to guardianship and administration proceedings.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LAF—to conduct a review of mediation services in Queensland, achieved by completing a review of the current mediation programs in operation and giving suggestions on how to build cultural capacity within the existing framework.
  • Sunshine Coast RLAF—delivered Law at the Beach on 18 June 2022, a one-off event bringing legal and other allied services to the community in a single location; the event was supported by a wide range of stakeholders and raised awareness of organisations that provide free legal and allied services on the Sunshine Coast.

Find more information on Queensland’s RLAFs and SLAFs.