Community Legal Education Legal Assistance Forum

The Community Legal Education Legal Assistance Forum (CLELAF) was established in June 2011 after extensive consultation with stakeholders across the community legal sector. The CLELAF is a specialist sub-forum of the Queensland Legal Assistance Forum (QLAF).

The purpose of the CLELAF is to promote cooperation and collaboration between legal service providers which are delivering and initiating community legal education (CLE) activities. The network also seeks to promote and share good practice models.

CLELAF activities include:

  • web-based legal information
  • written publications including factsheets, information kits and legal guides
  • legal information sessions for members of the community, community support and government workers
  • community development projects that focus on increasing awareness within more hard-to-reach communities
  • events.


The membership of the CLELAF includes representatives from the community legal sector and government legal service providers delivering CLE services.

Current membership is comprised of representatives from:

Terms of reference

The Terms of reference establishes the purpose, roles and responsibilities of the CLELAF.