Guidelines for Gambling Community Benefit Fund applicants

About the GCBF funding guidelines

Learn the information you need know about the GCBF before you start your application for the grant, including how important it is to read all the guidelines.

Organisation eligibility for the GCBF

Learn about what makes an organisation eligible or ineligible for GCBF funding, and the registration requirements.

GCBF application requirements

Find out what factors determine which applications for the Gambling Community Benefit Fund are eligible, including facility improvements and referees.

Eligible GCBF items

Find out which items are eligible when applying for Gambling Community Benefit Fund grant, and the requirements for using an overseas supplier.

GCBF funding priorities

Learn about which factors the Gambling Community Benefit Committee uses to determine the priority of funding applications.

If your GCBF application is approved

Find out what to do when your GCBF application is approved. You will receive a message from us and will need to access more information on the online portal.

Variations to GCBF applications

It’s possible to make changes your GCBF application to extend the acquittal due date or alter the approved items. You can do this in the online portal.

Acquitting an approved GCBF application

If an organisation has had their GCBF grant approved, they need to provide evidence of how the funds were spent—called acquittal.

GCBF definitions

Learn the terms commonly used in the GCBF funding guidelines, application and other information relating to the Gambling Community Benefit Fund.