Acquitting an approved GCBF application

Organisations must provide evidence of how they spend the funds granted to them—this is called acquittal.

The grant application must be acquitted via the GCBF online portal.

If you have 15 or more invoices/receipts to include in the acquittal, you need to engage an external financial auditor to check your grant expenditure against these guidelines.

You can use up to $500 of grant funds to cover the cost of this audit.

If we determine through the acquittal that there are unspent grant funds of more than $300, we will contact you about the return of these funds.

Acceptable acquittal documentation

Invoices or receipts showing expenditure of grant funds must:

  • be dated on or after the date the grant or variation was approved
  • be issued in the name of the organisation
  • describe the items/services purchased
  • be issued on commercial terms, ensuring there are no conflicts of interest
  • show that facility improvements were undertaken by a licenced contractor and list their licence number (if applicable by law).


If you have more than 15 invoices/receipts relating to grant expenditure, you must include an audit of grant expenditure by a qualified person.

The audit must contain:

  • a completed and signed audit statement that the grant funding has been spent according to these guidelines
  • an income and expenditure report
  • copies of all invoices/receipts used by the auditor to check expenditure.

We may request additional documentation to verify acquittal of funds.

Acquittal documentation not accepted

We will not accept any form of documentation not listed above. This includes:

  • invoices or receipts that are
    • dated before the application or variation was approved
    • for items not approved
    • not issued in the name of the organisation
    • for items purchased overseas without written approval from us
  • purchase/sales orders
  • quotes
  • statements
  • pro forma invoices.

Exclusion period after acquittal

Once we have verified and accepted the acquittal requirements, your grant application is considered closed.

There is a 1-round exclusion period, which means your organisation cannot submit a new application for the next funding round—that is, the round that next closes after you are notified that the successful application has closed.

For example: If a previous funding application was closed by us on 12 August, the organisation cannot apply again in the funding round that closes 31 August. However, they could apply for the round that closes 31 October.

Goods and services tax (GST)

If the legal entity is registered for GST, you must acquit the grant using invoices to the value of the grant excluding GST spent on the goods or services.

If the legal entity is not registered for GST, you must acquit the grant using invoices to the value of the grant including GST spent on the goods or services.

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