GCBF application requirements

To apply for the Gambling Community Benefit Fund (GCBF) you must submit an application via the GCBF online portal.

Organisations are required to review and update their registration details annually within the online portal to ensure they remain eligible for funding prior to applying. Your application will then be assessed as eligible or ineligible based on the application itself and the items proposed.

Eligible applications

An application is deemed eligible if:

  • it is submitted by an eligible organisation
  • the sponsored entity (if applicable) is supported by an eligible legal entity
  • it demonstrates that it will benefit Queensland communities
  • multiple quotes have been sourced; the actual quotes are not required to be submitted with the application but may be requested at a later date.

We may request additional documentation to confirm eligibility.

Ineligible applications

An application will not be eligible if the same organisation has previously applied for GCBF funding that is any of the following:

  • still awaiting an outcome
  • recently acquitted and within the one-round exclusion period (not applicable for the disaster recovery round)
  • for the legal entity or sponsored entity and not yet closed.

An application will likewise not be eligible if:

  • it is incomplete
  • information we request is not received by the due date
  • all items requested are ineligible items
  • it is submitted by an ineligible organisation
  • the legal entity has submitted more than one application for the same location (as determined by us)
  • the legal entity sponsoring an application has an overdue application in its own right.

Legal entity sponsoring an application

The legal entity sponsoring an application must:

  • ensure that the sponsored entity has not-for-profit objectives
  • agree to accept legal and financial responsibility for the grant
  • agree with the sponsored entity about how the grant will be managed
  • ensure they have no overdue applications in their own right
  • ensure all legal and sponsored registration details are up to date including the financial position.

Local ambulance committees, rural fire brigades or state emergency services can only be sponsored by their relevant government department.

Other application requirements

To receive funding from the GCBF, your organisation must also:

  • have appropriate insurance cover in place, if successful
  • comply with local, state and commonwealth laws and regulations
  • keep copies of all approvals and documents for 7 years to support the application.

We may request extra documentation at any stage of the application process.

Facility improvements

If you are applying for facility improvements for a building or land that you do not own, you must meet the requirements for the type of land.

If you do not own the land you must have:

  • written approval from the owner to get the proposed improvements
  • sourced quotes from a licensed builder or builder contractor (if applicable by law)
  • ability to demonstrate appropriate tenure as follows.

Government/not-for-profit owned land

If the property is owned by the government or a not-for-profit organisation, you must have either (or a combination of):

Privately owned land

If the property is privately owned, you must have an instrument of tenure for at least 3 years after the date of your application.


Referees for an application cannot be:

  • committee members
  • family members of committee members
  • people or businesses who will receive a payment if the grant is approved.

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