GCBF funding priorities

The Gambling Community Benefit Committee have implemented funding priorities and other determining factors to ensure they consistently and fairly provide funding recommendations to the Minister that support the objectives of the fund.

Your application will be sorted by funding priority depending on the items you request funding for. You should review and consider these priorities and determining factors when planning and submitting your application.


Applications are prioritised by the committee in this order, where 1 has the highest priority:

  1. Items/facilities directly affected, damaged or destroyed by a declared natural disaster in the last 2 years
  2. Equipment or facility improvements
  3. Buses, cars, caravans, boats, tractors, trailers, large mowers, motorbikes and similar items
  4. Community events, training, workshops, festivals, publications and website development
  5. Organisations that have received more than $15,000 from the GCBF within the last 2 years

Other determining factors

These factors also contribute to the committee’s decisions:

  • Financial position of organisation
  • Age of organisation
  • Value for money of the grant
  • Other contributions, financially or in-kind, towards the grant
  • Opportunities for the organisation to generate income
  • Benefits to more than one organisation
  • Number of applications by the legal entity (if sponsoring)
  • Geographical location of organisation and benefit to region
  • Target group being assisted
  • Government priorities identified by the Minister

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