Eligible GCBF items

Organisations can apply for any item except ineligible items. If your application is successful, only approved eligible items can be purchased.

When applying, you should also consider the list of unlikely-to-be-funded items and the funding priorities.

Note: Amounts requested in an application will include or exclude GST for each item depending on the legal entity’s GST registration status. So, if your legal entity is registered for GST, you will need to enter the amount excluding GST for each requested item.

Ineligible items

You cannot use the GCBF to fund items that were ordered, committed to (with a signed document or paid deposit) or purchased before the funding is approved. The other ineligible items, fees or costs are as follows.

Fees for services

  • Grant writer or auspice fees (i.e. fees to manage grant applications and funding)
  • Project management fees


  • Items purchased from a grant writer or their associated companies
  • Purchase of equipment/services that benefit an individual
  • Alcohol
  • Gifts or prizes
  • Items purchased from overseas suppliers (without prior approval from us)

Operating costs

  • Contingency costs (i.e. money budgeted or set aside for costs not yet incurred)
  • General operating/recurring costs
  • Repayment of debts and loans
  • Overseas travel costs
  • Funding for member or staff social events
  • Facility improvements to any community title, body corporate or retirement living scheme or similar entity (as determined by us)

Other types of income

  • Subsidies (i.e. using the GCBF to acquire or gain eligibility for other grants or contributions)
  • Sponsorship (i.e. using the GCBF to secure sponsorship for the organisation)

Unlikely-to-be-funded items

These items and costs are also unlikely to be approved for funding:

  • salaries and wages
  • rent and lease costs
  • public liability insurance for events
  • administration expenses such as stationery, postage and office supplies
  • consumable items such as food, petrol, uniforms
  • catering
  • internal training not provided by a third party
  • prepaid or store cards
  • items to be purchased from overseas suppliers.

Overseas suppliers

The Queensland Government encourages you to buy local and support local suppliers.

If your application is successful, further approval must be sought from us to purchase from an overseas supplier. Any items purchased from an overseas supplier without prior approval from us will be declined and grant funds will need to be returned.

Submit a written request to us at cbf@justice.qld.gov.au that:

  • includes a quote from the supplier
  • explains why these items cannot be purchased in Australia.

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