Variations to GCBF applications

You can ask for changes (variations) to be made to an approved GCBF grant in certain cases.

There are 3 types of variations:

  • extending the acquittal due date
  • changing the quantities and amounts of approved items
  • requesting to change items that are in line with the original application.

Before requesting any changes, read about making variations to approved GCBF applications to understand the requirements.

Variations must be submitted via the GCBF online grants portal.

Extending the acquittal due date

The acquittal due date may be extended up to an additional 12 months, subject to our approval.

Extensions beyond 12 months after the original acquittal due date will not be considered unless extenuating circumstances arise (e.g. natural disaster).

Variation to approved items

Changes to the quantities and dollar values of approved items do not require approval. These changes are automatically approved via the online portal.

Changes to approved items require approval and will be considered if it is determined the change is in line with original purpose of the grant.

Variations will be approved for items we consider to be in line with the original purpose of the grant, although we may request additional documentation to support the request.

Submit your variation for consideration before spending any grant funds.

Variations will not be approved if:

  • the items are ordered, committed to (signed document/paid deposit) or purchased before the variation is approved
  • we do not consider the items to be in line with the original purpose of the grant, unless extenuating circumstances arise (e.g. natural disaster).

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