When your GCBF application is approved

If your Gambling Community Benefit Fund (GCBF) application is approved, we will notify your organisation’s accountable officer by email.

The email will include approval letters from the Attorney-General and Minister for Justice and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic and Family Violence and the Commissioner for Liquor and Gaming.

We will transfer funds for approved items into your organisation’s nominated bank account within 14 days of the approval email.

If we confirm your application is approved, log in to the GCBF online grants portal to see the items approved for funding and the funding amount.

When you have received the funds, follow these steps to buy your approved items.

Step 1—Understand the rules


All suppliers or contractors must be engaged on commercial terms to ensure no conflicts of interest arise with the organisation or its members.

If a conflict of interest—perceived or otherwise—does arise, the decision to engage the supplier must be documented in the minutes of a meeting, and the member with the conflict must not take part in the decision. We can ask to see the meeting minutes during the acquittal/settlement process, so it’s important to properly document the conflict of interest.

If there’s a conflict of interest with how you want to spend your grant funds, you must upload a copy of the meeting minutes to the GCBF online grants portal, showing where this conflict was recorded and accepted by the committee.

Facility improvements must be undertaken by a licensed builder or builder contractor.

Any trade-in or subsidy/rebate from a supplier will be subtracted from the overall grant expenditure.

We encourage you to buy local and support local suppliers. If your organisation wants to buy items from an overseas supplier, you must first request approval by emailing us at cbf@justice.qld.gov.au. If you buy items from an overseas supplier without approval, you’ll need to return the grant funds.


You are required to keep all tax invoices/receipts and any other documents that can verify how the grant was spent for 7 years.

Invoices dated before the grant was approved won’t be accepted.

We won’t accept tax invoices/receipts from unlicensed builders or contractors because the works won’t have been carried out in accordance with Queensland building and construction laws.

Read more about spending and acquitting your grant funds.

Step 2—Review your information

Log in to the GCBF online grants portal and review and update your organisation’s contact details, including contact names, telephone numbers and email addresses. Click ‘Save and continue’.

Select the application number with the approved status. Under tab 3 ‘Items’ you will see the items approved for funding and the approved dollar amounts listed under ‘Funded items’. The acquittal due date is also listed; your organisation must provide proof of purchase documents by this date.

We might have only partially funded specific items so we can help as many community groups as possible. Make sure you confirm which items have been funded before spending your grant. It is your responsibility to make up the difference in funding.

Step 3—Buy your approved items

Now you can buy your approved items. Remember to keep your tax receipts and invoices for the acquittal/settlement of your grant.

Acknowledging your grant

Read the recipient media pack for information on how to correctly acknowledge and promote your grant.

What if your application is not approved

If your application is not approved and your organisation still wants funding for what you requested, you can submit a new application in the next round.

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