If your GCBF application is approved

We will notify your organisation’s accountable officer of the outcome of your Gambling Community Benefit Fund (GCBF) application by email.

If your application is not approved and the requested items remain a priority to your organisation, you can submit a new application in a subsequent funding round.

What to do if your application is approved

If you receive correspondence from us telling you that your organisation’s application is approved, log in to the GCBF online portal to view details of the approved items and amounts.

Before making any purchases, read about when your GCBF grant is approved to understand your responsibilities according to the funding guidelines.

We may impose other conditions that will form part of the acquittal requirements.

Approved purchases with grant funds must:

  • be made on commercial terms, ensuring there are no conflicts of interest
  • have further approval from us before purchasing any items from overseas suppliers
  • (if facility improvements) be undertaken by a licenced contractor (if applicable by law)
  • be purchased on or after the date the grant was approved
  • include a tax invoice/receipt issued in the name of the organisation, listing the items purchased
  • include an audit of grant expenditure if more than 15 invoices/receipts are issued.

Documentation that does not meet the above requirements will be declined at acquittal. Read about acquitting an approved GCBF application to learn more.

Acknowledging your grant

Read the recipient media pack if you would like to acknowledge and promote your grant.

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