GCBF online portal: filling out application video transcript

Voiceover: So, you’re ready to apply for a grant. Go ahead and login to the Grants Portal.
Once you’ve checked that your organisation details are correct, click ‘Save and Continue’, then ‘New Application’.

Check it out! Your organisation details are automatically filled in from information supplied when you registered.

[Animation: Close-up of a user clicking the Organisation tab (1) and the Contacts tab (2) where they see the details already filled out. They then click on the Items tab (3).]

When you add an item to your application you’ll notice that item categories have been condensed into a simple, easy to use, drop down list. You can also remove and add extra items if you need to.

[Animation: Close-up showing a user clicking ‘+ Add an item’. Video zooms in to show the item type drop down list function.]

Have you been affected by a natural disaster? If so, you can easily select the declared disaster from the drop down list.

If you make a mistake, don’t worry. When you hit submit, the form will highlight any missed or incorrect fields for you to update.

And if you need more time, you can save your progress and return to your application when it suits you. Don’t forget to submit your application before the round closing date.

When your application has been successfully submitted, an email will be sent to the accountable officer with your application number.

You can always login to view the status of your application in real-time and access your application history for both legal entities and sponsored entities.

You can also view comments from us relating to any further information required.

Your application outcome will be sent via email to your accountable officer, so keep an eye on the inbox.

If you have more questions just give us a call.

[Animations shows the text 1800 633 619 (free call outside of Brisbane), 07 3247 4284. Queensland Government, Gambling Community Benefit Fund, www.gamblingcommunityfund.qld.gov.au.]