GCBF online portal: vary and acquit video transcript

Voiceover: So, your application is approved?

Go ahead and log in to the grants portal, then open your approved application.

Your application will open onto the ‘Items’ tab, which shows your approved items. If you need to make changes to your application you can do so from here.

Just remember that some variations will be approved immediately and other variations will need to be verified by us, which can take a little longer. If your variation requires approval by us You will be notified  via email of the outcome.

You can also extend your acquittal due date if you need more time by entering your preferred date into the field.

[Animation shows a close up of the ‘Items’ tab. The user edits the “Application due date’ field]

Once all variations have been approved you’re ready to begin your acquittal.

To begin, click ‘Start acquittal’.

The ‘Acquittal’ tab on the application will unlock allowing you to start attaching invoices.

For each invoice that you upload you will be required to enter the relevant invoice date and number or title.

This will help you to identify which invoice should be allocated to each item.

Once you’ve added all your invoices, it’s time to acquit your items.

Go to the relevant item and click ‘Add an invoice’, choose the appropriate invoice and type in the relevant amount.

Remember, you can apply more than one invoice to an item or one invoice to multiple items.

Continue applying invoices and amounts to relevant items until all invoices, or all line items, have been allocated.

You cannot acquit more than the value of an item. If you need to increase the item’s value then return to the ‘Items’ tab, change the amount and submit a variation.

If you need more time, you can save and return to complete your acquittal when it suits you.

When your ‘Acquittal remaining’ amount shows zero, then you have allocated all the invoice amounts against your items.

If you have unspent funds, you can still submit, but you may be required to return remaining funds.

When you’re ready, submit your acquittal.

We want to know how your grant helped your organisation and the wider community. Select from the options listed to tell us how your grant met its intended purpose.

[Animation shows a close up of the feedback page]

Once you’ve finished your response, click ‘continue’.

We will review your acquittal and advise the accountable officer if you have completed your submission, or if further action is required.

If you have any questions just give us a call.

[Animation shows the text 1800 633 619 (freecall outside of Brisbane), 07 3247 4284. Queensland Government, Gambling Community Benefit Fund, www.gamblingcommunityfund.qld.gov.au.]