GCBF online portal: overview video transcript

Voiceover: It’s here! Your intuitive, web-based grants portal.

Providing you with helpful tools to ensure your application goes smoothly.

From registration, to submission, to managing your grant.

Once registered, your organisation’s details are all stored in one secure location.

Accessible to you or other committee members, whenever you want.

And the best thing? Your organisation’s information is automatically applied to your applications now and in the future.

When applying for your grant, you’ll notice even more handy tools.

Simple drop down lists supply you with the responses you need.

If you’re not ready to submit, simply hit ‘save’ and return to your application later. Just remember to submit your application before the round closing date.

If you make a mistake, the form will immediately let you know by highlighting any missed or incorrect fields for you to update.

So now you can confidently click that submit button, knowing your application is filled out correctly.

After you have submitted, you can view your application’s status in real time.

The new streamlined process has also improved how you provide and monitor your acquittal information.

You can now upload your invoices and easily link them to the approved items.

And, if you need an extension on the due date for your acquittal, you can apply for it online.

So, where do you begin?

If you haven’t already, head to the registration page, fill out the form and you’re on your way.

Or, if you have more questions just give us a call.

[Animation shows the text:  1800 633 619 (free call outside of Brisbane), 07 3247 4284. Queensland Government, Gambling Community Benefit Fund, www.gamblingcommunityfund.qld.gov.au.]