GCBF online portal: register organisation video transcript

Voiceover:  Before you can apply, you will first need to register your organisation.

From the online grants portal read and accept the funding guidelines, privacy statement and terms and conditions. Click ‘Register' to go to the organisation registration screen.

[Animation shows a close up of the screen with the option to click ’ legal entity’ or ‘sponsored entity’. The user clicks ‘legal entity’.]

If your organisation is a Legal Entity then you can type your ABN (remember to type your ABN without spaces). Your organisation name will be updated live from the ABR.

If you are registering as a sponsored entity make sure to type your organisation name in full, with no abbreviations.

When you enter your organisation’s address, it will be validated and mapped by the system.

You’ll also notice that the form contains handy drop down lists that supply you with the responses you need.

Legal entities will need to complete the bank verification form found here [Animation shows a close up of the Organisation Registration page. The user scrolls down to the section titled Bank Details then click on the link to the bank verification form] and have it stamped by your bank. Upload it to the portal as soon as possible so your bank details can be validated.

Once validated, the legal entity bank details will carry over when you fill out future applications.

And if you change your bank details at a later date, just  upload a new stamped bank form.

If you miss a mandatory field and can’t submit,  don’t worry.

The form will highlight any missed or incorrect fields in red for you to update.

And if you need to log back into the portal, it’s easy.

Simply enter your Organisation Name or Number.

If you forget your password, just enter your organisation name or number click ‘request new password’ and we’ll send you a new one.

Every time you log back in your organisation details will be displayed.

This allows you to easily review and update your details before you apply for a grant.

If you have any more questions just give us a call.

[Animation shows the text 1800 633 619 (free call outside of Brisbane), 07 3247 4284. Queensland Government, Gambling Community Benefit Fund, www.gamblingcommunityfund.qld.gov.au.]