Submitting your GCBF application

Follow these steps to complete and submit your application for a Gambling Community Benefit Fund grant. The tutorial videos explain the process of applying through the GCBF online portal.

Make sure you have a detailed and accurate application. You don’t need to hire a grants writer to do this—just tell us your story in your own words.

Note: You can’t spend grant funds on grant writer fees, including those who manage the purchase or installation of the requested items. If you choose to use a grants writer, their payment should be on a fee-for-service basis and paid out your organisation’s funds.

Step 1—Plan your application

Planning is an essential part of your application’s success. Take the time to read and understand the funding guidelines and identify the needs of your organisation so you have a clear idea of:

  • what you are applying for
  • why you are applying for it
  • how much funding you need.

You must seek multiple quotes to ensure competitive price of desired goods. Don’t include the quotes with your application; however, we may request them while assessing your application.

Select 3 referees to confirm the suitability of the organisation for the grant.

In some instances, you may also need to understand:

  • how GST affects your application
  • the requirements of applying to upgrade facilities, buildings or grounds.

Log in to the online portal to start your application.

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Step 2—Review and update registration details

You must review and update your organisation’s registration details each year or when submitting an application.

Most importantly, the financial position of the organisation (taken from your financial statements within the last 2 years) must be up to date.

Your organisation will be deemed ineligible for the funding if you fail to update this information each year or when submitting an application.

While it won’t affect your eligibility, you should also make sure the contact details for all persons registered with the organisation are also up to date.

After checking your organisation’s details, click ‘Save and continue’.

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Step 3—Complete the application form

On the ‘Applications’ page, click ‘Create new application’.

You can exit the process at any time, click ‘Save’ and then ‘Sign out’ to exit the portal. You can return to your draft application to complete and submit later.

Make sure to check that the information you provide is correct in each field of the form.

Application contact person

We will contact your organisation’s accountable officer for any questions related to the application.

If we can’t contact the accountable officer, we will contact the application contact person listed on the form. Make sure these contacts are kept up to date.

Note: If you choose to give us an email address, your personal information that we include in our communications with you will be stored on your email service provider’s servers, which may be outside of Australia. By giving us your email address, you are consenting to the personal information contained within these emails to be transferred outside Australia.


If you are contributing to the items in your application with in-kind or other financial support, you will need to provide specific details when applying.

Only request the amount required for each item and exclude your financial contributions towards those items. For example, if you want to purchase a vehicle for $35,000 and intend to contribute $10,000 toward the purchase, you should request funding of $25,000.

If your organisation receives funding for the items we approve from another source, you must notify us as soon as possible. If we identify this during acquittal, we may ask you to return the grant funds.

Requested items from fund

List each item separately (including facility improvements) along with the requested amount including or excluding GST, as required.

You don’t have to include brand names for items.

Items from overseas suppliers are unlikely to be funded without approval. If your organisation wants to purchase items from an overseas supplier, you must first request approval by emailing We encourage you to buy local and support local suppliers.


If you are applying for event funding, the proposed event date must be after the announcement of the outcomes for the funding round.

Remember: approval can take up to 5 months from the closing date.

Facility improvements

If you are applying for facility improvements, you must own the building or land, or meet the following requirements for either government/not-for-profit owned land or privately owned land.

Government/not-for-profit owned land must have:

  • an instrument of tenure or ability to demonstrate custom and practice
  • written approval from the lessor for the proposed changes
  • quotes sourced from a licensed builder or builder contractor (if applicable by law).

Privately owned land must have:

  • an instrument of tenure for a minimum of 3 years
  • written approval from the lessor for the proposed changes
  • quotes sourced from a licensed builder or builder contractor (if applicable by law).

Application description

Explain what you want, why you want it, and how it is going to benefit your organisation and the wider community.

Keep your description clear and relevant. Don’t include general information about your organisation; you’ve already done this during registration.

Note: The first question has a limit of 2,000 characters and the others have limits of 1,000 characters. If you go over these limits, you will not be able to save the form.

Natural disaster

If you select a natural disaster category, the items you request must have been lost, damaged or destroyed by a natural disaster within the last 2 years.


Tell us how many members in your organisation (including non-paying members). This could include unpaid volunteers, staff or committee members.


We may contact your referees at any time, so let them know you have included them in your application before submitting it.

Referees can’t be members of your organisation’s management committee, family members of the management committee, or people or businesses who will receive payment if the grant is approved.


When you submit the application, you must answer the declaration questions.

Your organisation is responsible for the application, management and acquittal of the grant. We will send our written communication to your listed accountable officer.

Supporting documentation

You don’t need to provide supporting documentation, such as references, letters of support, photos, quotes, budgets or financial reports, unless we request it.

Your organisation should keep this documentation for 7 years.

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Step 4—Submit your application

Click ‘Submit’ to send your completed application.

Your accountable officer will get an email confirming we have received your application and listing the application number. The status of your application will also change from ‘Draft’ to ‘Under review’ in the applications section of the portal.

Don’t leave your application to the last minute. The online grants portal closes at 11.59pm on the closing day of each round. You cannot submit an application after the closing date—even if it already existed as a draft application.

Step 5—Await outcome and provide any requested information

We check all submitted applications against the GCBF funding guidelines to ensure the organisation, application and requested items are eligible.

We may ask you to confirm information you’ve provided and may contact anyone listed on your application.

Requested information must be submitted on the online portal by the requested date or the application will no longer be eligible.

Check the status of your application at any time, using the portal.

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How often you can apply

You must wait for the outcome of an existing application before you can submit another one.

If your application is unsuccessful, you can apply in the next round of funding.

If your application is successful, you must skip one round of funding after when we contact you saying your previous application has been completed (including acquittal).

You can’t submit a new application until the acquittal of your previous application is complete—your application will be ineligible.