Queensland Women’s Week events help promote gender equality

Earlier in March, Queensland Women’s Week (QWW) saw people all over the state celebrate our diverse community of strong women.

QWW extends International Women’s Day (8 March) into a week-long series of events and activities to recognise and celebrate the achievements of Queensland's women and girls.

Everyone has a role to play in creating a Queensland community that respects women, embraces gender equality, and promotes and protects the rights, interests and wellbeing of women and girls. A number of events specifically addressed gender inequality, widely recognised as a driver of violence against women.

Minister for Child Safety, Youth and Women and Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence, Di Farmer MP, addressed 450 senior boys at Villanova College in Brisbane during QWW, encouraging them to become a generation of young men committed to gender equity and respect for women.

Ms Farmer said much of society’s inequality had been normalised through gender stereotypes, structural inequality and unconscious bias but she was encouraged that many young people – especially young men – are recognising the issue.

“Young people can influence the small things that can lead to big outcomes and this can include calling out their friends and peers when they see inequality, sexism and inappropriate behaviour,” she said.

“Most importantly, call it out – because if we’re not actively working to dismantle it, we’re supporting it.”