Shifting community attitudes and behaviours

We are working with the Queensland community, schools, businesses, religious and sporting organisations to drive a significant shift in community attitudes and behaviours together.

Through our collective efforts, we will embed respectful relationships and a zero tolerance approach to domestic and family violence (DFV) throughout the community so that everyone, everywhere, feels safe, supported and protected.

Creating cultural change

We are progressing initiatives to challenge and change cultural attitudes and behaviours that contribute to the cycle of violence and keep DFV behind closed doors.

Key initiatives include:

Leading the way for Queensland workplaces

DFV is a workplace issue. Workplaces can play a significant role in influencing long-term cultural change in our community.

We are leading the way for Queensland workplaces in sharing insights and resources that promote violence prevention in the workplace, support employees affected by DFV, and promote a safe, respectful and inclusive workplace culture.

Key initiatives include: