White Ribbon Australia liquidation

The Queensland Government was saddened to hear that White Ribbon Australia has entered liquidation. The White Ribbon brand has made a significant contribution to raising awareness about domestic and family violence. Many Queenslanders have supported White Ribbon over many years as a grass roots community-led campaign against domestic and family violence. The Queensland Government has worked closely with White Ribbon Australia and has been pleased to commemorate White Ribbon Day each November.

As Queensland’s largest employer, the Queensland Government is proud to lead by example and drive change within the public sector to prevent domestic and family violence and promote a culture of respect and gender equity. All Queensland Government departments have undergone White Ribbon workplace accreditation, ensuring they can respond effectively to domestic and family violence in the workplace. The Public Service Commission will continue to lead programs to ensure Queensland Government departments promote safe, respectful and inclusive workplaces.

The Queensland Government’s commitment to preventing and responding to domestic and family violence remains steadfast. The Queensland Government encourages those that have been involved with White Ribbon accreditation and their other awareness raising activities to remain committed and continue to contribute to the many existing community organisations that support women and children and raise awareness about domestic and family violence. The Queensland Government is closely monitoring developments in the process of liquidation of White Ribbon Australia, including the implications for how the Queensland public sector will continue to drive positive workplace culture change.