Domestic Violence Action Centre: Like a Girl Calendar

For Queensland Women’s Week earlier this year, the Domestic Violence Action Centre (DVAC) received funding from the Queensland Government to put together a calendar of young girls’ sporting and physical achievements. DVAC wanted to celebrate young girls by turning the "insult" of "like a girl" into a positive message about young girls in the Ipswich region. They worked with 12 Ipswich primary school girls who showed just how amazing girls are.

Girls of different abilities participated in the calendar. Girls who excel, such as a world champion BMX rider, and girls who simply love to be active, like the girls from one school who hula hoop together. The calendar is a powerful method of promoting gender equality and challenging stereotypes and attitudinal perceptions that girls and women are not as physically talented as boys and men.

To purchase a copy of the calendar ($20), contact (all proceeds go to DVAC’s emergency relief fund which assists women and children experiencing domestic violence).