Meet Brett Weeden, White Ribbon Ambassador

What is your day job?

Director, Student Protection with the Department of Education and Training

How long have you been a White Ribbon Ambassador?

I was officially welcomed as a White Ribbon Ambassador on 20 July 2017.

Why did you decide to become a White Ribbon Ambassador?

The prevalence of violence in society generally is of great concern. When I became aware of the statistics relating to men’s violence against women in Australia, I felt compelled to do something to contribute to a change in this behaviour. An added benefit was that it was a great way to show my children that when you believe strongly in something, you can make a difference, big or small

How do you intend to make a difference in your role as a White Ribbon Ambassador?

While there may be opportunities to give more formal White Ribbon presentations to schools or other organisations, I am hopeful that the day-to-day conversations can influence people to question what is okay and empower them to stand up and speak out.

Why is gender equality important to you as an Ambassador?

Aside from the obvious answer that it is difficult to conceive that anyone could present a sensible argument against gender equality, I have a daughter and a son and I want both of them to grow up understanding that respecting others in the way that you think, speak and act, is one of the most valuable traits they could possibly have.