Mr Kai Lowah

Photo of Mr Kai Lowah.
Mr Kai Lowah

Kai Lowah is a proud Torres Strait Islander man who lives his commitment to improving the wellbeing of Indigenous communities throughout the Cape by working as an Indigenous Health Practitioner at Apunipima Cape York Health Council.

Kai is passionate about the physical health of people in communities across the Cape—sharing his love for rugby union as an avenue both for increasing physical activity and building teamwork—and also has a specific interest in young people’s mental health.

As a board member of Deadly Inspiring Youth Doing Good Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation, Kai provides a health perspective in the decision-making at the same time as building capacity to give back and connect to his people.

Through advocacy and hands-on work, Kai combines his medical knowledge with cultural sensitivity to help provide a positive impact on the health and lives of Indigenous peoples.

Kai also previously served as Captain of the Indigenous Australian Invitational Rugby Union Team on an international tour of the United States of America and Canada, playing against teams in New York City, Boston, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax and Long Beach.